Chris X got his start at CBS Radio in Houston back in 1999.  Soon he was co-hosting ‘Streettalk’ weekday afternoons on 650-AM.  In a short amount of time, Streettalk had garnered the highest ratings ever on 650-AM with a 1.4 in afternoon drive.  To this day, that is still the highest rated program to ever air on the station.  With the success of Streettalk, ‘Chris X’ was given the opportunity to host the nationally-syndicated ‘TalkBack Weekend’ on the Business and Lifestyle Talk Radio Network.  He went on to host Chris X Radio on 1070-AM, KNTH and Afternoon Drive on 1110-AM, KTEK in Houston.  

           Currently, you can hear ChrisXradio Mon-Thurs (4-6pm CST) on
AM 700, KSEV 'The Voice of Texas'.  You can also watch the show live on the 
'700 AM KSEV' Facebook page.  Don't forget to like the 700 AM KSEV page as well.

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Chris X invites callers to join him in a dialogue that sometimes gets heated, but always s entertains.  ChrisXradio takes a unique look at our world and all of the issues that drive the sociological environment that we call "Americana." Even though the debate is often fierce, humor and quick wit is what keeps ChrisXradio far from mundane.  With a stream of high-profile guests and steady callers, ChrisXradio educates and entertains.

  Guests include:  Former Congressman Allen West, Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, Actor Nick Searcy, Rocker Ted Nugent, Project Veritas' James O’Keefe, Mideast Expert Brigitte Gabriel, Congressman Kevin Brady, Author James Hirsen, Wayne Allen Root, Michelle Malkin, Walid Shoebat, Elizabeth Imus, Former Israeli Mayor David Rubin, AMAC Founder Daniel Weber, Author Ronald Kessler, and many more.

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